OUTPERFORM THE NORM for Triathlon: The 50 Best Tips EVER for Swimming, Biking and Running

I don't have a background in triathlon. I was held back in swimming lessons growing up, I didn't own a bike and I only ran if someone was chasing me. In my first triathlon I ever competed in, I got three flat tires, quit the race, and spent 30 minutes crying on the side of the road, waiting for the "sag wagon" to come pick me up. Not the ideal introduction to the sport. Fast forward to the present, where I've completed five Ironman and countless other triathlons. I don't say this to brag or impress you, only to emphasize that if I can do it - anybody can do it. Triathlon has changed my life and I've been privileged to coach 50+ athletes to a 98% PR rate in races ranging from 5Ks to ultra marathons to Ironmans. I've done it through my own trial and error and experiences in what works...and what doesn't. Rest assured - there are a handful of simple, yet essential, tips in triathlon that will make or break your success in the sport. In this book, you get the goods. You'll receive not only the 50 Best Tips ever for Triathlon Swimming, Biking and Running, you'll also have instant access to videos and strategies to: Increase your cycling speed 1-2 MPH immediately Prevent chronic injuries, instead of responding to them Use the 3 keys to peak performance to race your best Beat the heat with hydration and electrolyte replacement Master the setup and execution of your triathlon transitions Stay motivated in training and mentally tough in racing Fuel fat loss and optimize recovery through performance nutrition "Best in Class" equipment and apparel recommendations And much more! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you're an experienced triathlete - this book will maximize your time, energy, fitness, and enjoyment in the sport of triathlon. Grab your copy now!

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Book Title: OUTPERFORM THE NORM for Triathlon: The 50 Best Tips EVER for Swimming, Biking and Running

Book Author: Scott Welle

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