I Discovered Me: A Guided Self Care Journal for Black Women Seeking Mental Health Restoration, Soul Stirring Self Exploration, & Deep Personal Reflection

"You Always Mad, Tired, or Angry, Sis? What's Wrong?"Self-Care looks different for everyone and immensely so for women of color, and has also been completely transformed over the last few years. It began as a way to encourage people to take better care of themselves, which is amazing. But somewhere along the way, it became something black women felt like they were forced to do. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of the perfect self-care routine, you know, the daily spa trips, exercising 7 days out of the week, daily meditation sessions, yeah right, who has time for all that, sis? Seriously, what about our mental health, especially that of black women? Society says that black women have to be the savior for everything and everyone. We have to be the matriach's of our household, the queens of even tempers, social justice organizers, and all that jazz. Hell, I'm tired. All I want to do is brew some peppermint tea, draw me a nice hot bath, throw in some lavendar bath bombs, and a then grab a journal to unload all the crap I had to go through that day. I want to affirm myself everyday, pray unceasingly, and learn to discover who I am (not what everyone says I should be). Every day, you have a bunch of opportunities to love yourself. You can take care of yourself physically, seek intellectual stimulation, attentively manage your emotions, or feed your soul. Tired of being overworked, overlooked, and overwhelmed with the stresses of life? Did your therapist tell you that writing in a journal was good for decompressing? This Self-Care Journal will help you to discover new ways to remedy all those things I just mentioned, here's how:Discovering Your Self Care Purpose. What is my purpose for self-care? Have I been focusing on everyone else; my kids, my partner, instagram influencers? If so, use this section to craft out your Self Care Goals, Vision Statement, Mission, and Your Values & Beliefs. Finish it off with your Life Manifesto, and craft out how you intend to live your life.Crafting Your Vision Board. "What positive images, motivational scriptures, and inspiring affirmations that appeal to me or represent the things I want manifested in my life?"Discovering Myself-Guided Journaling.  Get to know your true self by identifying areas in your life that can be improved and remember to celebrate areas where you are doing well. Use the prompts, quotes, and affirmations to help you get to know your true self. Be honest when writing about how you are Caring For Your Soul, Feeding Your Mind, and Looking After Your Body because they can spotlight critical areas of your journey that need the most work.Self Care Bingo. Pause, sis. Have you done any of these things listed on your Bingo card today, or this week?Get your Guided Self Care Journal and make time each day to discover your self care purpose. Write your plan for fitting them into your schedule, you have enough room in this book. Buy it for a recent college graduate, a tired momma, or your daughter that needs to renew her soul by transforming her mind. 

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Book Title: I Discovered Me: A Guided Self Care Journal for Black Women Seeking Mental Health Restoration, Soul Stirring Self Exploration, & Deep Personal Reflection

Book Author: Self Polished

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