Recover: Finding Freedom with Food Again

The book is for those with eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors or chronic dieting behaviors. The premise of the book is how to recover eating those foods people avoid out of fear partly due to the exposure to inaccurate nutrition information. Each chapter presents evidence for why we can include different foods and food groups in our diets (such as carbohydrates and fats), as I provide science based information on how foods benefit the body. Additionally, each chapter includes ideas on how to incorporate different foods back into your diet, along with recipes at the end of each section created and/or used by both current and past eating disorder clients. The final chapter of the book is specifically on developing a healthy exercise plan without a focus on weight loss as the main outcome. This includes consulting your doctor and establishing an exercise plan with an appropriate exercise specialist, especially if there are medical concerns or limitations. The exercise chapter focuses on the mental health benefits of exercise and medical benefits of exercise.

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Book Title: Recover: Finding Freedom with Food Again

Book Author: Sunny Yingling

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ISBN: 1733295208