The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College

Unlock your academic potential with tips, tools, and techniques from some of the best students in the country.  Author Stefanie Weisman was a top student all her life, graduating first in her class from Stuyvesant High School and Columbia University and getting degrees in both history and computer science. But it wasn't because she was a "natural" or smarter than everyone else -- it was because she had developed powerful and time-saving techniques for studying, taking notes, writing papers, taking tests, and much, much more, which anyone can put into practice!The Secrets of Top Students is a conversational, down-to-earth guide for high school and college students on how to maximize their learning and get the grades they want. Full of innovative strategies from Weisman and 45 other top students -- including Rhodes scholars, Goldwater scholars, Fulbright award winners, college valedictorians, Intel Science Fair finalists, and a National Spelling Bee champion -- this book will appeal to students of all levels, giving them the advice they need from a voice they can trust. The Secrets of Top Students answers questions such as: What are the Top 50 Tips for acing exams?How can you take killer notes?What are three game-changing learning techniques?How should you structure a paper?How should you read for maximum comprehension?What should you expect from STEM classes?What is the first thing you should do when taking a math test?What is an often overlooked place for coming up with a thesis?How can you use mantras to get better grades?How can you manage the stress of school?What music should you listen to while studying?Should you bring your laptop to class?Why is it bad to be a perfectionist?What motivates top students to achieve academic success?How can you prevent procrastination?What foods should you eat to boost your brainpower?How can sleep, diet, and exercise affect your GPA?How much do top students really study?And much, much more.Weisman's book is unique for a number of reasons: As the number one student in both high school and college, she has firsthand knowledge of how to excel in school. She has degrees in subjects as varied as computer science, history, and art history.  Her broad experience in science and math, as well as the humanities, led her to include sections on how to survive STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), how to ace homework and tests in these subjects, and more.  Her survey of forty-five other outstanding students provides unique insight into what it takes to succeed academically.  Weisman received her latest degree in 2011, so she pays special attention to the pros and cons of technology in the classroom. Weisman's holistic view of academic excellence has led her to include sections on the mind-body connection (diet, nutrition, and exercise), how much students should study, and how to get and stay motivated.  She also discusses how students can incorporate the latest research on education and learning into their everyday study habits. Her book includes techniques that work for both high school and college students.  In high school, students should be learning skills that are transferable to college.  For those in college now, it's not too late to learn good study skills or improve on the ones they already have.  Plus, a lot of high schools these days are just as hard as college, if not harder! The Secrets of Top Students includes the following chapters:Chapter 1: What's My Motivation?Chapter 2: Time Management 101Chapter 3: The Mind-Body ConnectionChapter 4: How to Play the Game (Navigating Academia)Chapter 5: In the ClassroomChapter 6: Learning to Read (Again)Chapter 7: Honing Your Homework SkillsChapter 8: How to Write a PaperChapter 9: Getting Ready for the TestChapter 10: The Art of Taking Tests

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Book Title: The Secrets of Top Students: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Acing High School and College

Book Author: Stefanie Weisman

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ISBN: 1402280793