Extracting Suzanne: A Story of Resurrection and Redemption

Suzanne's formative years were filled with unimaginable horrors that no child should ever experience. She was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by the people she should have been able to trust most. Any time an opportunity presented itself for an adult to intervene, the situation only grew worse. When Suzanne finally escaped her abusive family to attend college, new doors opened in her life. She made new friends and was accepted into a family that loved, accepted, and protected her. When those ties later dissolved, she found herself heartbroken and confused yet again. After college, she fell in love, got married, and began a new life with her husband. Again, she found herself betrayed by someone who was supposed to love and care for her. As her marriage began to crumble, Suzanne met a friend who provided a haven for her. For the first time, she was able to trust. She discovered a passion in helping her friend care for foster children. Her past experiences had shown her the worst a child could experience, so she made it her mission to give these children her best. Through therapy and a renewed connection with God, Suzanne was able to not only work through the pain of her past but to use it to help other people. This story of grace and redemption is raw, real, and graphic. At times heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, it reveals the healing that can take place with love, faith, and forgiveness.

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Book Title: Extracting Suzanne: A Story of Resurrection and Redemption

Book Author: Suzanne Jacobs

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ISBN: 1977226019