The Enlightenment Workbook: Of Buddhist Mysticism

Doing the Enlightenment Workbook is an active exploration of self. Work, or purposeful activity, is an effective method of self-discovery. In this book you will be given thought provoking tasks and writing assignments. These tasks and assignments bring you spiritual realizations! The Enlightenment Workbook is not just a book that gives you conventional knowledge. This is a magical book. This book is Buddhist mysticism for your Enlightenment. This book brings you into a greater awareness of life. This book guides you through mystical means to directly point to your own mind, so that you can see the truth. This book is an adventure! So put your heart into it as you quest for the awakening of spirit through the Enlightenment Workbook. The Enlightenment Workbook sets you on a spiritual exploration of awareness in the frontiers of your own mind.

Book Details

Book Title: The Enlightenment Workbook: Of Buddhist Mysticism

Book Author: Samvara

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1440401985